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Krys: Still Life, Architecture & Landscape

Deep South


After an overwhelming trip to Antarctica in 2009, Krys was one of seven artists who united to highlight their impressions of the region - and a few of its challenges.

In 2010 he curated the first of an important touring show called Deep South. Starting at Dulwich College, Ernest Shackleton's alma mater, it went on to form an integral part of Robert Scott’s centenary commemorations at Discovery Point in 2012 and concluded by opening the 2013 season at the Wymondham Arts Centre.



Krys has been invited back to Wymondham and will curate a show of invited painters, sculptors, printmakers and ceramicists. Called Tincture : a radical study of form and texture, it will open in October 2016.

Colouful wall and sculpture
Icelandic hot water pool
Colourful Irish buildings
Wrought iron window in old wall
Glowing lamps in a church
Plant pots on an iron balcony
woman swimming in a pool
Dramatic evening sky
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Icelandic buildings
Boiling Icelandic mudpools
A candle against a wall
Waves breaking on a rock
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Plant and blind shadows on a wall
Church Interior on South Georgia
Wrought Iron gate and garden
Sunlight and shadows on plant and objects
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Sulpherous Iclelandic landscape
Sea mist and hills
Colourful Icelandic buildings
Icelandic glacier
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Light on a beach wall
Strange  lava rock formation
Traditional Meditteranean build
Colourful Irish buildings
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